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Some Drawings and things [Nov. 20th, 2013|10:19 pm]
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Okay, finally got pencilling on my next comic again. Yay! Let's move this forward!

Remember to send in your entry for the True Loves 3 Final Panel Contest. Tell me what song you think they are dancing to at the end! Send me an email, a twitter, a message on Facebook with your entry. The winner will get an original drawing of True and Zander!

Here are a couple of short comics.

The Last Chestnut

November 10 2013 Walk

Here is a drawing of Hank Williams from this photo.

Hank Williams

I did another drawing of the tiny astronaut in the forest.

The Tiny Astronaut in the Forest 05

And look a Mega-j cover. I was putting on my Popeye tshirt and this popped into my head.

Megaj in the Spinach Solution

And here is a delightful new song from Moby that makes me very happy and might just be on this year's birthday mix, which is titled A Celebration of Life and Living.


[User Picture]From: adam_0oo
2013-11-21 07:46 pm (UTC)


Your links didn't embed properly.
[User Picture]From: jasonturner
2013-11-29 12:29 am (UTC)


Whoops, one messed up link at the top and total chaos followed. Sorry about that.